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2019 Brandywiners Cast for ‘The Producers’


Max Zack Jackson
Leo Neil Kirschling
Roger Edward Emmi
Carmen Andrew Cox
Franz S. Mordecai Fuhrman
Ulla Gina Barton (understudy: Cat Glen)
Usherette Cat Glen
Usherette Becky Kotsifas
Hold me Touch me Laura Casalvera
Chorus Girls (12) Soon to be announced
Pigeons (8) TBD
Bryan Matthew Peterson
Kevin Sam Bradley
Scott Chris Volker
Little Old Lady Tappers (Many) Soon to be announced
Jason John Percy Lasher
Stormtrooper Matthew Peterson
All other roles/parts will be determined during the rehearsal process.
Dancers will be announced soon.
Caroline Achenbach Joanna Flannagan John Nichols
Christian Auer Staci Garber Jessie Ortiz
Chuck Auer Cat Glen Matthew Peterson
Laurelyn Auer Liz Hamill Stephanie Peterson
Becca Beeby Kathy Harris Amelia Sandler
Drew Biehl Heather Healy Carrie Sandler
Sam Bradley Ken Jones Charles Spyres
Karla Bradley Manhard Dan Kane Michelle Stofa
Laura Casalvera Becky Kotsifas Patricia Storch
Maya Daly John Lasher Jenny Torgerson
Christine DiGiovanni Matt Lillard Chris Volker
Audrey Embley Bob Moore Meri Weiss
Josh Epps James Nichols Kate Wright


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