• We commit to create and foster a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming theatrical community  that celebrates the innate value and unique identity of every human being 
  • We commit to provide opportunities for participants to showcase their talents on and off  the stage 
  • We commit to produce high quality musical theatre and choral performances We commit to perform across all three counties of Delaware and beyond We commit to responsible fiscal stewardship 
  • We commit to collaboration among arts organizations 
  • We commit to serving as ambassadors for the arts throughout the Delaware Valley 
  • We commit to honor founders William Winder “Chick” Laird, Jr., and Frances Dorr Tatnall  by upholding the motto of “All for fun, and fun for all”

Since 1932 – The Brandywiners, a not-for-profit organization, continues to serve Delaware and the surrounding communities with engaging and robust ARTS programs.

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